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A slim solution for the digital society 


Allas is developing a technical platform created to help cities meet some of their upcoming challenges, everything from traffic optimization, parking, security to environmental monitoring.

The technology platform consists of a hardware component (Allas Street) in units consisting of cameras with built-in Ai, thermal monitoring and various sensors and a software platform (Allas Platform) that allows live viewing of video feeds and environmental data from the distribution sites in a secure way and processing such data as is easily displayed in an interface.

Allas Street and the Allas platform enables cities to collect processed data over time. This data provides a basis for decision-making through the Allas interface, in order to increase the quality of life, reduce municipal costs, optimize traffic flow and safety.

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At Allas, we seek to solve the major challenges for the digital transformation of cities. With Allas Street, we created a scalable hardware platform to collect data at the ground level.…


Manage all your devices and insights in one place with cloud managed dashboard; Allowing for at scale provisioning with faster deployment.


Get accurate insights via artificial intelligence with quick response to threat detection, traffic management, people, safety and many more.



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