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"We seek to solve the major challenges for the digital transformation of the cities"

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We believe cities and technology should serve the people. Our team is comprised of former Facebook & Amazon technologists, software developers, and city architects who believe that smart city solutions should put peoples' privacy and security first.

Who we are

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Privacy and security come first.

We believe the digital revolution must serve the citizens. The digital revolution has changed the commercial enterprises of the world, but our cities have been cautious in their evolution. This is well founded – as many of the solutions implemented today are vulnerable to infiltration and violate the citizens right to privacy. At AllasNetworks, privacy and security are at the heart of what we do. We want to create secure, privacy-oriented solutions to maximize the benefits to the population and minimize the risks.

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Cities need solutions that scale and

extend over time.

Cities and the tax payers can’t afford to implement systems that don’t integrate with other solutions deployed in the city, scale over time as the city grows, or add additional features as the needs of the citizenry evolves. At AllasNetworks, our products integrate openly with a clear and well documented API.

We are in it for the long haul.

Most cities are only just embarking on their digital transformation. We’re committed to helping them build a strong foundation upon which cities can improve their citizens’ live for the decades to come.

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