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Allas Intelligence

At Allas, we seek to solve the major challenges for the digital transformation of cities.

With AllasStreet, we created a scalable hardware platform to collect data at the ground level. With the Allas Platform, we brought that data into a secure workbench for users to interact with and see the bigger picture. The final piece of this puzzle is to enable artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) on top of that data, to make city administration smarter and weave automation into the core of the cities fabric.

AllasNetwork has developed proprietary ML modules to be applied to the data feeds ingested from the AllasStreet edge devices. These modules address correlated use cases, such as traffic management and optimization (vehicular, bicycles, & pedestrian), health (coughing, sneezing, body temperature, & social distancing), security (gun detection, fights, license plate detection), and more.

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