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Allas Street

Hardware built for the next generation of SmartCities

After years of development and testing through numerous customer projects, Allas has developed an advanced smart city hardware platform that can meet the demands of any city environment. Allas Street is a flexible, extensible, durable and cost-effective solution to bring intelligence to the edge and creating a sustainable platform for future smart city endeavors.

Each Allas Street device integrates key capabilities into an aesthetically appealing, inconspicuous device that is weather and vandal resistant (IP67). Devices can form flexible networks to meet unique spaces with limited line-of-sight visibility. Allas Street fleets can form unique network formations given a limited number of fiber drop-in locations.


Cities are living, dynamic environments that are rarely perfect deployment environments. They require hardware that can work without fiber internet connections. They must mesh and build ad-hoc wireless networks that work even when a node in the cluster goes down. Allas Street’s powerful and flexible networking capabilities allow it to work in a resilient matter no matter how your environment changes.


Allas Street deploys hi-resolution cameras with tunable lenses to ensure that we capture the right detail and focus regardless of deployment height and angle. A pair of cameras on each with variable rotational pitch gives us the ability to get the right vantage point in two directions, reducing the overall number of devices needed

to cover a site.

Edge Inference

The use cases for AI and machine learning are numerous in a city: detecting traffic accidents, identifying smoke and notifying the fire department, detecting weapons and alerting police among hundreds more. In order to make any of this happen, cities need not only well trained models, but the hardware to run them. Allas Street comes prepackaged with GPU tuned to run vision and sensory models to quickly bring intelligence to the edge.

Environmental Sensory

Quality of life measurements rely on accurate data. Each Allas Street devices hosts environmental sensory to capture: CO2, monoxides, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter (PM) levels, temperature, humidity, pressure, and ambient noise decibels. These measurements come together to give a temporal view of how pollution, heat and noise can affect each citizens’ life.

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